The grapes were harvested September 28th, 2016 at a Brix of 25 and immediately destemmed without crushing to preserve the maximum number of whole berries. The must was moved to the wine cellar to slow down fermentation, so the grape juice and skins stay together longer to enhance the color and flavor as well as create an especially dry wine. After a seven day fermentation the must was very gently pressed into a stainless steel container to begin bulk aging. During bulk aging the wine was racked four times for clarity and to allow a small amount of oxygen to “open” the wine by allowing the aerobic activity to evolve the wine’s chemistry.


Tasting Notes (Jan Crocker)

Coffee, hazelnut, rose petal, raspberry, and cranberry on nose; ripe red berries and dark coffee on rich, luscious mid-palate; plush mouthfeel is balanced with subtle acidity and minerality. Elegant.